Service members face different stressors than the general population. Since 2001 to date about 2.5 million military troops have deployed. This translates to over three million family members being separated from their service member for long periods of time. Service members ranked deployment length and family separation among their top noncombat stressors.

I have worked with the military population for many years both locally and abroad. I accept Tri-care insurance for traditional counseling in my office for all military related clients.

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I have been the adventure coordinator for the last seven years for a program for Veterans, and their family members called Warriors Rock. It is a three-day fun filled event that teaches rock climbing at the City of Rocks National Park in Almo, Idaho.

The event is paid in full by donations for the lucky participants and includes camping, gear, all meals and professional rock climbing instruction by Sawtooth Mountain Guides. The event is held the first weekend of August. The success of the event I believe is due to the inclusion of family members to provide a family orientated sport.

Rock climbing is a very adaptable sport so we have had participants of all ages and abilities. We have instructed blind veterans, veterans with prosthetics and other challenges to climb. 

I also do a six-week indoor climbing class at Asana Gym in Garden City in the winter.

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